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Via customer request “So French” was just added to my online store!! I am so happy to offer this very frenchie painting in canvas, i pad skin, pillow, etc. Check him/her out and tell me what you think?

Grumpy GirlI am grumpy If i have to walk the dog at sunrise before my morning coffee and If i have my coffee first before i walk the dog she is grumpy :/ I painted this painting from a photo i took of her while i was happy and drinking my morning coffee and she was grumpy waiting for her morning walk.

“Westie” just added to my amopainting store. Crazy as it sounds i may have to order a t-shirt! check him out at the store and tell me what you think?

I have been challenged by my paint group to paint only “Long haired”dogs! I find it harder to paint dogs with long hair vs short hair. I think it is because with a short haired dog it is easier for me to see the dog’s form and gesture and easier to transfer that form onto canvas. I believe i am on my way to loose my fear of the “Long Hair”

"White Long Haired dog" 24 " x 30" acrylic on canvas

“White Long Haired dog”
24 ” x 30″ acrylic on canvas

September Art Wall 2013

Celebrating the Dog!


Double french, Original 12″x12″ Acrylic on board


Floating Terrier, Original 20″x 20″ Acrylic on canvas


White dog with Blue people, Original 16″x20″


Rainbow Mini, Original 18″x18″ Acrylic on canvas

Max and Maggie ~ Original 16 x 20

Italian Greyhound with bow tie ~ Original 24 x 36

Lab with Sombrero ~ Original 30 x 40


Dalmatian ~ Original 24 x 24

Pug ~ Original 18 x 24

Long haired dachshund~ Original 18 x 24

Mini~ Original 12 x 12

Spike~ Original 16 x 20

Brandy Marie ~ Original 24 x 36