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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

Looking back on 2013 I am most proud of my attempt to incorporate more landscapes into my work through the creation of “landimals”. Landscapes have never been my favorite, but I realized that incorporating animals into a landscape made me much happier with the results. And so, “landimals” was born. Moving forward in 2014, my artistic resolution is   to maintain more of the original lines from my initial painting sketches. I often find that I really love the foundational sketches  on canvas done in pencil, or the first application of paint which is a simple dark line drawing outlining the subject. Because some of my favorite paintings are the ones where this line is maintained in the final piece, I resolve to be aware of this and attempt to maintain these lines as I paint in the coming weeks.

Some of my favorite landimals:

surreal oxen Lift off Goats in Apple Orchard f Highland at home gosia's cows

2014 resolution – strive to maintain the lines –  like in these paintings:

Baby Butter Stone cow Meri victorian zoewithpinkpattern girl-with-blue-sash festive pink goat blue girl with pocketbook

pulling paint owl

This is one of my favorite new techniques! I like to call it “pulling paint”.

Landscape with house ~ 16 x 20

Max and Maggie ~ Original 16 x 20

Italian Greyhound with bow tie ~ Original 24 x 36

Lab with Sombrero ~ Original 30 x 40


Dalmatian ~ Original 24 x 24

Pug ~ Original 18 x 24

Long haired dachshund~ Original 18 x 24

Mini~ Original 12 x 12

Spike~ Original 16 x 20

Brandy Marie ~ Original 24 x 36

Hydrangea with Citrus ~ Original  18 x 24

Red Bowl with Citrus ~ Original 18 x 18

Poppies with Lemons ~ Original 24 x 36

Red Table Top with Fruit and Flowers- Original 24 x 24

Holiday Candy and Lemons ~ Original 16 x 20

Bowl and Lemons ~ Original 24 x 24

Midnight Tea ~  Original 18 x 18