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I always see with a painters eye, when making ice tea i was inspired by the colors and shapes on my kitchen counter top before me. I grabbed my camera and took many shots of my ice tea preparations. I tweaked color, composition and perspective before i even picked up a paint brush. My goal was to have the painting look fresh, balanced and effortless as if it was just a  “Happy accident”making of iced tea

Hydrangea with Citrus ~ Original  18 x 24

Red Bowl with Citrus ~ Original 18 x 18

Poppies with Lemons ~ Original 24 x 36

Red Table Top with Fruit and Flowers- Original 24 x 24

Holiday Candy and Lemons ~ Original 16 x 20

Bowl and Lemons ~ Original 24 x 24

Midnight Tea ~  Original 18 x 18