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Today my plan was to paint a portrait of a human and i forgot my source photo:(  SURPRISE  I found a photo of a sweet canine and i painted it instead 🙂 Often times when something unexpected happens with painting i have learned to just go with it and have fun,white dog on pinkToday was one of those fun days!blue dog on orange


Italian Greyhound, Original Acrylic on canvas 24″ x 36″

September Art Wall 2013

Celebrating the Dog!


Zoe with paper tissue, Original Acrylic and paper on canvas 30″x40″


Blue Zoe, Original 18″x18″ Acrylic on wood


Zoe with pink pattern, Original 18″x24″

Max and Maggie ~ Original 16 x 20

Italian Greyhound with bow tie ~ Original 24 x 36

Lab with Sombrero ~ Original 30 x 40


Dalmatian ~ Original 24 x 24

Pug ~ Original 18 x 24

Long haired dachshund~ Original 18 x 24

Mini~ Original 12 x 12

Spike~ Original 16 x 20

Brandy Marie ~ Original 24 x 36