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Now is the perfect time to explore your creative side. If you have access to the internet you are golden!

The internet is Loaded, and i mean Loaded with free art demo’s and creative advice.

Talented skilled artist have generously put their knowledge out there for everyone to see.

This week paint group took advantage of the excellent free advice of Amy Pearce and we proceeded to paint a daisy via her u tube demonstration “How to paint a daisy-Step by Step”,  We had a blast and we really enjoyed looking at the differences between out paintings. We were even inspired to branch out and use the same techniques with an entirely different color scheme!u tube post


garlic sketch 1garlic sketch 2garlic sketch 3Is it a garlic bulb or a very ripe pumpkin? before i pick up my paint brush i pick up my sketching tools and my camera, after my initial sketches of garlic bulbs i realized my garlic was looking kind of pumpkiny. So… i drew some more and then i painted, will be posting my “Painting” results soon:)

Showing off my little old dog and my new seahorse pillow.

The pillow was made from my very own “Giraffe Sea Horse” painting @Nuvango. go to to see my pillows and many other AMO paintings applied to products (i pad covers, phone cases, etc)

cvmini at the beachseahorse pillow

Grumpy GirlI am grumpy If i have to walk the dog at sunrise before my morning coffee and If i have my coffee first before i walk the dog she is grumpy :/ I painted this painting from a photo i took of her while i was happy and drinking my morning coffee and she was grumpy waiting for her morning walk.

It always feels like a holiday when my PARTY neighbors come to play!party 1party 2party 3art apronparty 5good job, PARTY on!

Busy paint week and i love it! Starting to decorate my @amopainting 2016 calendar envelopes and

trying to capture the awesomeness of the local summer sunflowers:)

Sunflowers and 2016 calendar envelopes

Sunflowers and 2016 calendar envelopes

Thank you Emily and Cheryl for all you fabulous fancy stamp work the envelopes are looking good.

Signs of summer ready for my next painting!

Signs of summer

Signs of summer ready for paint!

Last summer i was able to take a wonderful class with Marcia Ballou at the North River Arts in Marshfield, MA

This photo is from a work i created in class using marker, spray paint and pastel, I had never used spray paint or pastel on canvas before and the canvas was very large so i needed to paint outside. I loved Marcia’s sense of adventure and i think all her students had a lot of fun while learning something new! I may not use pastel or spray paint again on my paintings but i know i will continue to use Magnum size  paint marker’s 🙂new web new class sunflower

What could be better than spending time w/family relaxing by the ocean and coloring/painting in Lisa Congdons coloring books? Sounds like the perfect 4th to me:) visit her site, she is an amazing artist and inspiration:) side therapy 2sea side therapy

Examples of my craze for what i like to call “Painting with Paper”Limiting materials to just glue, paper and sharpie can create a whole lot of colorful paper explosioncrazy 🙂