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Via customer request “So French” was just added to my online store!! I am so happy to offer this very frenchie painting in canvas, i pad skin, pillow, etc. Check him/her out and tell me what you think?

By request the “Rooster Chef” has been added to my store! I think he looks great on canvas in a float frame (black or white) and not to shabby on an I phone either:) Chef

Today my plan was to paint a portrait of a human and i forgot my source photo:(  SURPRISE  I found a photo of a sweet canine and i painted it instead 🙂 Often times when something unexpected happens with painting i have learned to just go with it and have fun,white dog on pinkToday was one of those fun days!blue dog on orange

The Illuminations show at MGH will be ending in May and i am happy to report that i have already reached my goal of eliciting “Smiles” I want to thank  all the infusion patients who have reached out to me with their support and kind comments and i want to wish them all continued good health 🙂mgh-show

I have added “Ready for take off” to my online store because it has sold and it seems to be the star of the show:)

“Ready for take off” is now available as a print, pillow, i-pad skins and phone case’s 🙂

Funny thing about painting for the love of painting (without pressure or dead line)

This is a canvas i had slated for a “Dog” portrait, but as the paint hit the canvas it became a giraffe painting?!

Sometimes as an artist you just go with the flow:)Giraffe at the window

So happy to receive a request to add “Take off” to my amopainting online store. The original is hanging at the illuminations show at MGH hospital, Boston, MA. The original is sold so i am now offering fun, laptop skins, pillows, prints etc.. of the same painting “Ready for Take Off”. ready-for-takeoff

Sometimes it can be really fun to play with color, even after a painting is finished. I painted Ester in 2013 in pastel pinks.  I was recently playing around with images for my yearly calendar, and  I had a lot of fun manipulating the colors in photo shop (see below)

esther the goat

I still like the original best, but this was a fun activity in color.

Screen shot 2014-07-20 at 1.04.27 PM
Which do you like better?

"Black, White and Red "

“Black, White and Red “

New "Giraffe seahorse" pillow

New “Giraffe seahorse” pillow now available on my AMOpainting store!

Yes! these two things really go together, both colorful, both made by hand (and animal), both r a creative expression:)

Yes! these two things really go together, both colorful, both made by hand (and animal), both r a creative expression:)