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Showing off my little old dog and my new seahorse pillow.

The pillow was made from my very own “Giraffe Sea Horse” painting @Nuvango. go to to see my pillows and many other AMO paintings applied to products (i pad covers, phone cases, etc)

cvmini at the beachseahorse pillow

Grumpy GirlI am grumpy If i have to walk the dog at sunrise before my morning coffee and If i have my coffee first before i walk the dog she is grumpy :/ I painted this painting from a photo i took of her while i was happy and drinking my morning coffee and she was grumpy waiting for her morning walk.


“Sweetie” is enjoying her spot in the DOG SHOW at Cambridge commons!

Soon the herd will pack up and hit the road when the show ends Aug 6th.

We have had a great stay and appreciate all the support (and the burgers) at Cambridge Commons:)

By request the “Rooster Chef” has been added to my store! I think he looks great on canvas in a float frame (black or white) and not to shabby on an I phone either:) Chef wish

LOVE the way this proud bird looks on a Kindle and a Phone! Go to my store on my web site and click on store to check this seagull painting out on canvas, phones and kindle’s

Today my plan was to paint a portrait of a human and i forgot my source photo:(  SURPRISE  I found a photo of a sweet canine and i painted it instead 🙂 Often times when something unexpected happens with painting i have learned to just go with it and have fun,white dog on pinkToday was one of those fun days!blue dog on orange

Thank you Cambridge commons (cambcommon) for the pics and sweet shout out on instagram.I love exhibiting at Cambridge Commons, everyone is so supportive and friendly and the food and drink are awesome!cambcommon

The Herd is getting ready to travel. The “Pom Pack” as well as many other varieties of dog paintings will be at Cambridge Commons starting June 25th. Complete dates and invitation coming soon:)Pom Pack

“Westie” just added to my amopainting store. Crazy as it sounds i may have to order a t-shirt! check him out at the store and tell me what you think?

I have been challenged by my paint group to paint only “Long haired”dogs! I find it harder to paint dogs with long hair vs short hair. I think it is because with a short haired dog it is easier for me to see the dog’s form and gesture and easier to transfer that form onto canvas. I believe i am on my way to loose my fear of the “Long Hair”

"White Long Haired dog" 24 " x 30" acrylic on canvas

“White Long Haired dog”
24 ” x 30″ acrylic on canvas