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“Sweetie” is enjoying her spot in the DOG SHOW at Cambridge commons!

Soon the herd will pack up and hit the road when the show ends Aug 6th.

We have had a great stay and appreciate all the support (and the burgers) at Cambridge Commons:)

Last summer i was able to take a wonderful class with Marcia Ballou at the North River Arts in Marshfield, MA

This photo is from a work i created in class using marker, spray paint and pastel, I had never used spray paint or pastel on canvas before and the canvas was very large so i needed to paint outside. I loved Marcia’s sense of adventure and i think all her students had a lot of fun while learning something new! I may not use pastel or spray paint again on my paintings but i know i will continue to use Magnum size  paint marker’s 🙂new web new class sunflower wish

LOVE the way this proud bird looks on a Kindle and a Phone! Go to my store on my web site and click on store to check this seagull painting out on canvas, phones and kindle’s

Last summer I was lucky enough to spend some time painting at the beach. Limited resources lead me to paint on tiny canvases (8″ x 10″) Small canvases can be challenging and fun at the same time:)Small Stills

A fun exercise is to  make two fast paintings of the same subject.My Clementine's #1

This painting is the smaller one and i made it first in black white and gray to get the values correct.

On the second larger painting i went straight for the color feeling confident about my value choices

"My Clementine's #2"

“My Clementine’s #2”

The Illuminations show at MGH will be ending in May and i am happy to report that i have already reached my goal of eliciting “Smiles” I want to thank  all the infusion patients who have reached out to me with their support and kind comments and i want to wish them all continued good health 🙂mgh-show

I have added “Ready for take off” to my online store because it has sold and it seems to be the star of the show:)

“Ready for take off” is now available as a print, pillow, i-pad skins and phone case’s 🙂

Funny thing about painting for the love of painting (without pressure or dead line)

This is a canvas i had slated for a “Dog” portrait, but as the paint hit the canvas it became a giraffe painting?!

Sometimes as an artist you just go with the flow:)Giraffe at the window


Long Haired Sweetie, Original 18″x 24″ Acrylic on canvas


Saint Maria, Original 18″x 24″ Acrylic on canvas


Gertie and Tom, Original 8″x10″ Acrylic on canvas