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I was lucky enough to spend a weekend workshop with irish artist and be in the company of the amazing artist/coordinator extraordinaire workshop pic 4 Roisinofarrell gave a wonderful presentation and demo of her work which was outstanding! Hoping she will come back across the pond  soon  and teach us some more:)workshop 3workshop 2As instructed I focused on tones/values and tried to use a palette knife for the entire painting and it was sooo fun!

Via customer request “So French” was just added to my online store!! I am so happy to offer this very frenchie painting in canvas, i pad skin, pillow, etc. Check him/her out and tell me what you think? am adding a couple of my landscapes to my store site, I would love to hear any comments? Landscapes are VERY challenging for me and a little out of my comfort zone and even though i have made many paintings of landscapes I am going to add a select few to see what kind of feed back (if any) I receive, here goes (cringe)

I always see with a painters eye, when making ice tea i was inspired by the colors and shapes on my kitchen counter top before me. I grabbed my camera and took many shots of my ice tea preparations. I tweaked color, composition and perspective before i even picked up a paint brush. My goal was to have the painting look fresh, balanced and effortless as if it was just a  “Happy accident”making of iced tea

garlic paint 1garlic paint 2garlic paint 3While creating this painting my goal was to make the garlic look less pumpkiny (the problem i had in my first sketches) and more like garlic, so i decided to exaggerate the bulbous curves  of the garlic in the hopes it would look less like a pumpkin and more like a garlic, i think it worked?!

garlic sketch 1garlic sketch 2garlic sketch 3Is it a garlic bulb or a very ripe pumpkin? before i pick up my paint brush i pick up my sketching tools and my camera, after my initial sketches of garlic bulbs i realized my garlic was looking kind of pumpkiny. So… i drew some more and then i painted, will be posting my “Painting” results soon:)

Showing off my little old dog and my new seahorse pillow.

The pillow was made from my very own “Giraffe Sea Horse” painting @Nuvango. go to to see my pillows and many other AMO paintings applied to products (i pad covers, phone cases, etc)

cvmini at the beachseahorse pillow

It always feels like a holiday when my PARTY neighbors come to play!party 1party 2party 3art apronparty 5good job, PARTY on!

Busy paint week and i love it! Starting to decorate my @amopainting 2016 calendar envelopes and

trying to capture the awesomeness of the local summer sunflowers:)

Sunflowers and 2016 calendar envelopes

Sunflowers and 2016 calendar envelopes

Thank you Emily and Cheryl for all you fabulous fancy stamp work the envelopes are looking good.

Today my plan was to paint a portrait of a human and i forgot my source photo:(  SURPRISE  I found a photo of a sweet canine and i painted it instead 🙂 Often times when something unexpected happens with painting i have learned to just go with it and have fun,white dog on pinkToday was one of those fun days!blue dog on orange