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Yes, i am thankful today and YES i try to give thanks everyday!

Thankful to be alive on this amazing planet:)

Scrolling back through my phone pics I am thankful for so many things (and these pics are just from the last couple of months) Feeling so much gratitude!

Art Wall

August Art Wall 2013, Giving thanks to my amazing instructors!
( talented, generous and kind-I feel very lucky to have them in my life:)

Giraffe Girl ~ 10 x 10

Marilyn~ original 24×24

Angie in patterns~ Original 24×36

Kimmi Muckado~ Original 18×24

Blue Girl with Pocketbook ~ Original 24 x 24

Goth Girl ~  Original 24 x 36

Pointy President ~  Original 24 x 30

Dancers with Flamingos~  Original 36 x 36