Today was my lucky day, today i got to create along side some pretty amazing creatives!

I was asked to come into an after school program today to present as a “Real Artist”, the term real artist  makes me a little squeamish, I am a practicing artist but in my gut i believe every single person is a “real artist”, every single person who has the chance to be creative and put themselves into a project that involves creativity is truly acting as a real artist.

I love collecting rocks by the seashore and then painting them. I thought maybe this group would like to paint rocks also. I brought in a painting to use as an example of how repeated, color, shape and line creates a pattern . With this idea of pattern in mind we painted our rocks.

rock p p 4

Needless to say they “Rocked” the pattern concept;)

Thank you Joyce for inviting me to paint with your amazing talented artists today !