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Taken in by the light,shape, and sweetness of this little shot glass filled with spring  flowers i was moved to take a photo (many photo’s) and try to capture the sweetness in paint. I decided on this photo because of the way the light bounced off the glass and I felt the value of the wall behind the flowers served as a nice backdrop.

When I am painting  what to leave in and what to leave out is crucial.  Overworking a painting is the easiest thing to do, knowing when to stop can be the most difficult.

Choosing a canvas size is always a fun decision for me,  for this painting i picked a canvas that was 16″ x 20″ in size so the vase with flowers appears three times the size of the original items!

and our mantra for the day is “Just Do it !” (NIKE) along with our in house mantra  “It’s only Paint!” (AMO PAINTING)

marciamarcia 3marcia 4marcia 1marcia2marcia at jamesIt is always sunny in Marcia Ballou’s world. While Norwell , MA  was getting slammed with a spring snow storm the James Library was HOT.                                                                    The opening reception was packed and Marcia’s work was the perfect antidote to a spring snowstorm. Marcia’s paintings brought the warm and toasty feel to every viewer. These pictures represent a small view into the exhibit but to get more of that spring feeling you will have to see it for yourself! Go to the James in Norwell, MA  and see Marcia Ballou’s beautiful paintings and you will not be disappointed 🙂!upcoming/d3mg7