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Now is the perfect time to explore your creative side. If you have access to the internet you are golden!

The internet is Loaded, and i mean Loaded with free art demo’s and creative advice.

Talented skilled artist have generously put their knowledge out there for everyone to see.

This week paint group took advantage of the excellent free advice of Amy Pearce and we proceeded to paint a daisy via her u tube demonstration “How to paint a daisy-Step by Step”,  We had a blast and we really enjoyed looking at the differences between out paintings. We were even inspired to branch out and use the same techniques with an entirely different color scheme!u tube post


I LOVE color, the brighter the better, so for years my paintings lacked a lot of white because i felt it was the absence of color and there for a little boring for me to work with.

Attempting to create a painting that had snow in it helped me with this silly aversion i had to the color white

Snow taught me to LOVE white and realize two things, that white can be a challenge because of the nuances but also be a BALANCE to all my crazy color needs!chilly-chickenssnow-baby1346-snow dropsI LOVE white paint!!