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Thank you Cambridge commons (cambcommon) for the pics and sweet shout out on instagram.I love exhibiting at Cambridge Commons, everyone is so supportive and friendly and the food and drink are awesome!cambcommon

The doggies have arrived, 19 dog paintings made the cut and we hung the show today:) If you are in the area, check it out, i would love to hear which doggie is your favorite;)cambridge commons announcement

This weeks paint group used no paint. We had a paper party:) It is amazing how some pretty tissue paper and scissors can turn a creative group into Party animals!paper party 1 paper party2 paper party 3

The Herd is getting ready to travel. The “Pom Pack” as well as many other varieties of dog paintings will be at Cambridge Commons starting June 25th. Complete dates and invitation coming soon:)Pom Pack

I love painting dogs and i have a big “Dog Show” coming up in Cambridge next week. I have focused on so many dog paintings recently that i have decided to take a break this week and paint some  white poppies. I used my photo of poppies for inspiration and created a couple of new “White poppy” paintings with acrylics on canvas:)  white poppy photowhite poppiesm white poppie

So excited to install a new exhibit at Quebrada’s belmont location! Quebrada has a reputation for delicious and FUN baked goods. “Party Fowl” and “Party Dog” seemed like natural choice’s to exhibit in the front window:) When you want to treat yourself it is the only place to go! (and check out the art;) fowl

In a past life i may have been part of the “Les Fauves” (french for “Wild Beasts”)

Fauvist’s painters where characterized by using wild brushwork and strident colors.

Maybe  i am drawn to paint so many animal’s because i am at heart a “Wild Beast”?small bluish frenchiesmall redish frenchieIn a recent painting session I thought it would be fun to paint two small paintings of the same dog, One using the  blues and greens on the dog the next using the blues and greens in the back ground.