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Fish wish

When the weather warms up and all the humans invade the New England coast line i wonder if the gulls are happy for the additional French fry and like the extra activity around them,  or are we just an annoying bunch of extra noise?!

I like to think we at least can add extra entertainment to their environment:)

Inspired by this past weekends amazing weather i will add “Fish Wish” to my online store today!

I just love bright color, sometimes maybe too much? This year I started a series of “White Poppy” paintings to ease the color crazy in my life. When i start a still life painting and the subject is “White poppies” I know i will be using some WHITE paint and some how that one constant color on my palette seems to simplify things enough to make me feel a little less color CRAZY and a little less frantic while i paint!White poppy #19

dog show coming up at cc

I am a little dog gone crazy lately;) I have a show coming up at Cambridge Commons next month and have decided to exhibit JUST dogs. This pic is a sample of some new dog paintings waiting patiently for their photo shoot! not sure if any of them will make the cut;0

“Allium with butterflies” was featured in a home makeover on “this old house”. The homeowners liked it so much they went to my on line store and purchased a canvas print “Allium with butterflies” and sent me a pic, i think it looks great in their newly renovated space:)(:

amo print from nuvango

I love when someone brings me a photo for inspiration and says “I saw this and thought of you” I guess everyone knows i am a little animal crazy? thanks Drew for the inspiration!Drew's cows

Taking left over food home from the restaurant to treat the dog is sweet. Up-cycling that foam “take out” container feels even sweeter! I cut and etched into simple foam “take out”ladder fish print containers to make the fish prints in both of these  paintings:)trout dreams 24

My fave painting of my “baby”, I have painted her many times and i believe this painting captures her most.

“Larger than life”-Because this canvas is 18″x 24″ and it is a “close up” Her face is larger than life and i believe this contributes to the paintings power:)meri up close 18